How to use Freemaps is an Australian Maps and Directions website.

FreeMaps lets you search for maps and directions, using AddressHelper, TerraPages Address Management Solution. Once you have found your location you can easily pan or zoom the map, print it, or get the URL to add to your website or email it to a friend. is a trademark and product of TerraPages Pty Ltd.

How to:

Map Search

You can begin your map search from the homepage. The easiest way to find your map is to use our search tool, Address Helper

Address Helper Simple

Employed on the home page and "get directions" page is Terrapages Address Helper. The simple version is a single text input box. It can be identified as illustrated...

To use, type the address into the text input. The details of the address should be typed in the following order: street number, street name with type, suburb, state (eg "30 Currie Street Adelaide SA"). You may choose also to omit the street number and or name (eg "Currie Street Adelaide SA" or "Adelaide SA"). If you give a street number you must provide a street name (eg "30 Adelaide SA" is invalid). The address helper will aim to provide suggestions as you type. See the following illustration...

Address Helper Advanced

On the directions page, there is an option to use a different Address Helper. Clicking on advanced will show this by expanding the box. Once clicking "advanced", parts of an address can be specified separately.
  1. Enter the abreiviated name of the state. (Eg: SA NSW QLD TAS)
  2. Enter Suburb

    Start entering the street name into AddressHelper, and a list of streets will appear. Select, with your mouse, the street you are looking for. *Please Note:- Not all suburbs/towns may appear

  3. Address Helper Example
  4. Start entering a street name into AddressHelper, and a list of streets will appear. Select, with your mouse, the street you are looking for.* Please Note:- Not all streets may appear

  5. Enter Street Type

    Start entering the street type into AddressHelper, and a list of street types that match the street name will appear under this box. (eg Street Road Court Avenue) Select the street type you are looking for.

  6. Enter Property number

    Start entering the property number into AddressHelper and a list of numbers in the street will appear under this box. Select the number you are looking for. *Please Note:- Not all numbers may appear..

  7. Enter flat/unit number

    Start entering the flat/unit number into AddressHelper and a list of flat/unit numbers, in that property, will appear under this box. Select the number you are looking for. *Please Note:- Not all flat/unit numbers may appear.

Each time a Address Helper finds a new location, for the address information given, the text "Address Located" will flash in green at the top-right-hand corner of the Address Helper box. If "Address Located" does NOT flash to indicate a location was found, continue to provide further information. This, for example, will predominately occur after providing a street name, because address helper also requires a street type to be given. *Please Note:- You do not need a complete address to continue. Provided that "Address Located" has been indicated, you can choose to either provided further detailed address information, to acheive a more accurate location fix, or continue with the next step of getting directions.

Get a Map

A. Your Map - The map area displays a map centred on the position searched for. To re-centre, click anywhere on the map with your mouse, and the map will now display the point clicked as the new center of the map. (See Map Controls)
B. Map controls - shifting or zomming the map can be done here
C. Get URL - If you want to share the map you are currently viewing or link to it on your website, you can use this feature to get a direct URL to it.

Map Controls

Moving (panning) the map

Its simple to pan the map
  1. Click and hold the left mouse key anywhere on the map.
  2. Drag the map in the opposite direction to where you want to see (ie. drag south if you want to view north of the map)
  3. Let go of the left mouse key when you have finished moving the map.

You can also move the map around via the pan buttons in the top left-hand corner of the map.

Zooming In

FreeMaps has three simple ways to zoom in to your map.
  1. Use the zoom bar on the left-hand side of the map. Grab the bar on the controller and move it up to zoom in to your location.
  2. Simply click on the map. The map will zoom in one level, with the point clicked, now in the centre of the map.
  3. Super Zoom (Red Box). You can quickly zoom on a location in the map using Super Zoom. This is how it works
      a. Hold down the shift key on your keyboard
      b. Move your mouse to a point of the map
      c. Click and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse.
      A red box will appear on the map
      d. Once the area covered by the red box is the same are you
      wish to zoom to, release the left mouse button.

Zooming Out

To zoom out from the map is simple, either select the minus button on the zoom control to zoom out one level at a time, or use the zoom control bar to select the zoom level you wish to go to

Keyhole Map

The Keyhole is great way to keep track of where you are. As you move around the main map, a second map (Keyhole Map)in the bottom right hand corner, moves with you but at a higher scale level. One of the key features of the keyhole map is a moveable red box.
  1. Move your mouse pointer over the red box.
  2. When your mouse pointer changes to a 4 point cross, hold down your left mouse button.
  3. While holding down the left mouse button, move the red box to any point on the keyhole map
  4. When the mouse button is released, the main map will move to the new location
Keyhole Map Example

Getting Directions

To get driving directions between two locations, all you have to do is simply;
  1. Click on the 'get directions' tab
  2. Enter the starting address into the top AddressHelper (see AddressHelper for more details)
  3. Enter the destination address in the bottom AddressHelper, then click the 'Get Directions' button.
  4. The best route between the locations you entered will be displayed on a map.
A complete set of instructions will also be displayed below the map, to give you an idea of where and which way to turn, and approximately how long it will take for you to complete each part of the journey.
We also show you the distance you'll have to travel to get to your destination and approximately how long it will take you in good traffic conditions.

Directions Example
*Please Note:- FreeMaps only provides directions for searches under 2000kms


Suite 112 The Lower Deck
Jones Bay Wharf
19-21 Pirrama Road
Pyrmont NSW 2009 AUS
Telephone  +61 2 8570 5060
Facsimile    +61 2 8570 5099
Level 9, 601 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Telephone  +61 3 8680 3200
Facsimile    +61 3 8680 3299
Level 1, 30 Currie St
Adelaide SA 5000